Dr. Morgan offers quality chiropractic care for horses and other large animals through pre-arranged barn calls.  She sees animals of all kinds, including but not limited to horses, dogs, cows, and cats, and ranging from companion animals to working animals to competitors.  Call (920)320-9885 or send an email at to find out when our route will be coming through your area.

Counties We Serve in Wisconsin

Manitowoc - Sheboygan - Calumet - Fond Du Lac - Brown

Counties We Serve in North Carolina

Caldwell - Burke - Catawba - Watauga - Avery

-If you would like to see if we will travel to your area, please contact us via phone or e-mail-


Animal chiropractic is not a replacement for traditional veterinary care, but rather a complimentary therapy.  Dr. Morgan is not a veterinarian and therefore does not provide veterinary services.  We will work together with your animal's veterinarian to give your animal the best care possible.  It is for this reason that we require a veterinary referral for your pet's initial visit with us.

Veterinary Referral Form for North Carolina

Veterinary Referral Form for Wisconsin

You can initiate chiropractic care for your animal at any time by filling out the following form.  Upon receipt of this form, we will contact you and forward a referral form for your veterinarian.  Once the referral has been made, we will contact you to set up your animal's appointment.

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Animal Owner's Name
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RockTape Equine


We now offer functional kinesiology taping for our equine patients.  RockTape Equine is kinesiology tape designed for the unique needs of horses. It works by creating a lifting effect on the skin resulting in decompression of the subcutaneous layers beneath the tape. 

Possible outcomes of decompression/lifting effect:

  • Mechanical effect: allows for better glide between tissue layers

  • Fluid effect: allows for better lymphatic and superficial blood flow

  • Neurological effect: reduces firing of pain receptors and provides alternate sensory input

  • Also improves awareness of body position

Dr. Morgan is RockTape FMT (functional movement technique) Equine certified and knows how to apply tape correctly and what application would be most beneficial for her patients.  She is excited to work with you and your horse to improve movement and overall function.  Contact us today to find out more about how chiropractic and kinesiology taping can help with your horse's health.

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